BIIR Engineering was formed in Denmark over 10 years ago.

Today BIIR employs over 200 highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers in Denmark, as well as in their Ukrainian headquarters of Odesa, and other sites in Lviv and Luhansk.

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BIIR is LEAN engineering

By removing all non-value adding elements in our organization and focusing on our specialized team, we are able to consistently deliver high quality in a very competitive manner.

We help our clients reach their business goals by understanding their core values.

Since BIIR was founded in Aarhus in 2008, we have supported a range of international clients launch successful products. We consist of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, project managers and designers working together as one powerful and very flexible unit.

Jonas PhotoJonas Bojer – Founder and CEO


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BIIR has been recognized on 10 patents on the Vestas V164 – 7.0MW offshore turbine

We develop new product solutions for the Wind Energy industry. Together with our clients our group of engineers, program managers and designers – with up to 18 years of industry experience – deliver solid solutions to leading Wind Power manufactures.

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Special Focus : Wind Energy